Kyokushin addicts

It does not matter how many gold medals you win, your sensei will always be able to beat you.

Karate problem #12

When you actually have no idea how to do normal push-ups but you can do an unlimited number of karate push-ups.

Those little cute kids doing katas much better that I (x.x), now I feel like I am the worst karateka…


It’s about to be a bad day at karate when you forget wour water bottle.


Watching movies and saying the names of all the technique that they use during the movie… and driving your friends crazy.

Karate problem #11


That one person in your club that constatly shows off and makes you so annoyed that they can still beat you.

(Karate problem #10)

I don’t waste my time going to parties and hooking up with complete strangers. I go to karate to get more confident, improve myself and reach my goals.

How to became better karateka #2

Never stray from the way.

Isao Obata Sensei (1904-1976)

Karate-do begins and ends with courtesy.

How to became better karateka #1

Think lightly of yourself and deeply of the world.

Karate problem #9

When you tell someone you train karate, and they start making kung fu hand gestures

Funakoshi Gichin

Do not think of winning; rather, think of not losing
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