Kyokushin addicts

It does not matter how many gold medals you win, your sensei will always be able to beat you.
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Almost new blog about one of martial arts sort - shinkyokushin karate and fitness & healthy lifestyle :)*

Hey my dear :]* I planning to delete this blog, so if you still want to get some karate motivation follow my new blog fitandhealthy-karateka :) There I will post not only about karate but also about other martial arts, about fitness and other intresting stuff like healthy lifestyle, sport news, and so on.

Karate problem #7

That one student that you just can’t stand in class, but because you’re a karateka you must always show respect and humility so they never find out.

Agata Andruškvėvič

It pays off. The sweet, the time, the tears, the devotion.



I’m just going to leave this here

The Nobel Peace Prize 1964.

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Chloe Bruce doing what Chloe Bruce does.

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― Miyamoto Musashi (via becoming—batman)


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(via kyokushinmarine)

You can only fight the way you practice
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